Resume Builder Help - Example Text
Objective: To be a game programmer on a AAA title.
Technical Skills: C++, C, Assembly, Maya, 3D Studio Max
Work Experience  
Job Title: Lead Game Programmer, 3D Artist, Producer, etc.
Primary Task: 3D Graphics, Character Animation, Game Concept, etc.
Secondary Task: Artificial Intelligence, Texturing, Level Design, Localization, etc.
Genre & Platform: Action Adventure - PS2 or 1st Person Shooter - PC, PSX, XBOX
Games Shipped: Sypro the Dragon, PSX
Additional Information: I wrote the entire terrain engine.
Degree: BFA or Certificate
Emphasis: 3D Modeling, Animation
Additional Information  
What would you like to do next?

I ideally would like to relocate to southern California…Los Angeles is my first choice.
My preferred genre is RPG, and I only have the opportunity to work on racing titles at my current company.
I would do anything to work on a PS2 title.